We’re proudly supporting our local communities during the lockdown period by delivering thousands of ‘Essential Packs’ to local households

As our communities begin their journey back to work, we’re delighted to resume our bespoke delivery service to offices, schools and businesses across London and Essex

You can count on us to deliver all your breakfast, snack and beverage needs and leave your building even safer than we found it

A safety-first approach

We’re absolutely committed to minimising the COVID-19 risk to our customers and staff
We’re an accredited food distribution company and already have stringent food hygiene and handling compliance procedures in place
We’ve embedded further training, equipment and practices so that you can be sure of safe delivery to the highest standards

Contact us between 8am – 4pm to place your order


01992 878 514

Our food safety accreditation standards

We’re fanatical about maintaining high food standards and our current accreditations include:
  • SALSA (Safe and Local Supplier Approved)
  • Safe Contractor Accreditation
  • 5 Star Food Safety Rating
We want our customers to rest easy, knowing that we source our products locally from approved and accredited suppliers

We actively monitor the latest guidance

We constantly monitor reputable information sources such as national news platforms, Public Health England and the World Health Organisation to ensure that we’re:
  • considering the latest intelligence
  • compliant with the latest guidance

We take practical action

We adhere strictly to the 2 metre social distancing requirement and that means we only permit one of our team members to travel in any delivery vehicle.
Our delivery drivers are required to wear gloves and facemasks when entering client premises.
Our vehicles are meticulously cleaned and each is equipped with cleaning materials, wipes and sanitizers.

We’re widening our service offering

We know that in the current situation, for our clients to let an external third party into their workspace is a serious decision.
We’re still piecing the puzzle together but we’re keen to explore other ways that we might be able to help our clients lessen footfall and hence the virus transfer risk; perhaps by undertaking other deliveries or services whilst we’re present in the building.
Such services might, for example, include deliveries of non-food items, removal of confidential waste etc.