Our Story and Passion

We are an independent family owned business providing a reliable and personal dairy and grocery delivery service.

We deliver to over 3,000 homes, schools and businesses across Essex and London.

We also proudly deliver in all weather conditions – we’d rather our team brave the snow, wind, rain or icy conditions than risk making our customers make unnecessary trips out: most recently during the snow and ice in December 2017, all of our customers received their orders in full and on time!

All of our operations are located at Wintry Park Farm at the top of Epping High Street. We proudly maintain our 5 star Environmental Health rating and operate an open site policy so feel free to pop in and see us any time you’re passing, although come and see us first so that we can sign you in and give you a site induction!!

We also recognise our responsibility to protect our environment and this is always at the forefront of our mind:


Glass Bottled Milk #backtoglass #glassmilkmovement

30 years ago most households across Britain had their milk delivered in glass bottles!! We have always delivered glass bottled milk but have seen a decline in usage with many households moving to plastic containers. This has been a common trend across a number of industries and has resulted in the problems that we are all now aware of with the surplus of plastic in our oceans! More and more of our customers are now moving #backtoglass meaning that we can collect and reuse the bottles on average 50 times.


Reducing Food Miles

We proudly offer a combination of a great British tradition from our roots as the local milkmen, and an easy and hassle-free source of obtaining high quality, local produce.

All of our products are as local as we can possible get them.


Electric Vehicles

Our round in Epping is delivered on a traditional milk float. We are currently reviewing our fleet and hope all of our vehicles will be electric by 2020.

Our team

Kevin (co-founder)

Gary (co-founder)

Chris (Kevin’s son)

Sam (Gary’s son)

Judith (Kevin’s wife)

Jan (Gary’s wife)

Maureen (Kevin’s mum)

Barry (family friend)

Cem (Chris’s school friend)

Anthony (newbie)

Chris (converted customer)

Adam (uni friend)

Joe (Gary’s old milk boy)

Paul (family friend)

Neil (converted customer)

Tony (family friend)

Dan  (family friend)

Rob (newbie)

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