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Office Milk Chelmsford

milk delivered to your office in chelmsford

Office Milk Chelmsford, save your office money.

Running a business is not easy and can be extremely expensive as the costs quickly add up. Ongar Diary are sympathetic to this and offer custom made packages to suit your Chelmsford offices budget. Why not speak to one of their team today and find out what they can save you on your milk bill. Before you pick up the phone, wait, because it is not just milk that they do. Think about how much more productive your staff will be with a good breakfast inside them. Ongar Diary offer so much more than milk,  so why not get your bread, eggs and jam delivered at the same time.

Ongar Diary offer only the freshest and tastiest Office Milk Chelmsford. Switch today and let Ongar Dairy save you money, whilst at the same time as making sure your staff have the best milk in the fridge.

Things you did not know about Chelmsford

1. The first ever audio broadcast was made in June 1920 from Chelmsford. The audio broadcast featured the famous opera singer Dame Nellie Melba. Although it was the first broadcast the Essex audio reached as far as Newfoundland

2. Following on from the fact above Chelmsford is the birthplace of radio and in 1899  Marconi opened the world’s first wireless factory.

3. For a few days Chelmsford was actually once the capital of England when the seat of Government was moved to the town over 600 years ago.

4. Calling all football fans, Chelmsford was the home of West Ham legend Sir Geoff Hurst. The West Ham legend was the only man in history to ever score a hat-trick in the football World Cup final. Reports say that he brought his milk from Ongar Dairy however this can not be proved.

5. Spooky going on’s in 1566 as Chelmsford was home to the first witch trial. The trial was held in a secular court in Chelmsford town. Elizabeth Frances was the accused witch and confessed to using a cat called Sathan to hurt people. It was said that the cat was possessed by an evil spirit. Elizabeth admitted to giving the cat away and so she was only sentenced to a year in prison. Quickly after she was released she was quickly re-arrested for more witchy crimes, however this time she was found guilty and hung.

We hope you have enjoyed reading the Office Milk Chelmsford page, you now know the best place to buy your milk and you have learned a little something about Chelmsford, your welcome!


More and more offices are having glass bottled milk delivered, so do your bit for the plastic ocean crisis