You can count on us to deliver your items and leave your building even safer than we found it

A safety-first approach

We’re absolutely committed to minimising the COVID-19 risk to our customers and staff
We’re an accredited food distribution company and already have stringent food hygiene and handling compliance procedures in place
We’ve embedded further training, equipment and practices so that you can be sure of safe delivery to the highest standards

Our food safety accreditation standards

We’re fanatical about maintaining high food standards and our current accreditations include:
  • SALSA (Safe and Local Supplier Approved)
  • Safe Contractor Accreditation
  • 5 Star Food Safety Rating
We want our customers to rest easy, knowing that we source our products locally from approved and accredited suppliers

We actively monitor the latest guidance

We constantly monitor reputable information sources such as national news platforms, Public Health England and the World Health Organisation to ensure that we’re:
  • considering the latest intelligence
  • compliant with the latest guidance

We take practical action

Our COVID-19 policy requires any employee who reports symptoms (or has been close to an infected person) to remain at home until they are able to take a formal COVID-19 test and produce a negative test result. In furtherence of this, all of our staff are required to have their temperature taken whenever they report for work.
We adhere strictly to the 2 metre social distancing requirement and that means we only permit one of our team members to travel in any delivery vehicle (although we’re actively researching the use of interior screens at present).
Our vehicles are meticulously cleaned and each is equipped with cleaning materials, wipes and sanitizers. Our delivery drivers are required to wear gloves and facemasks when entering client premises and even their trollies are fitted with antibacterial sprays so they can wipe on the go.

We’re supporting our local communities

Since the start of this pandemic, we’ve been working hard to support our local communities.
We’ve delivered thousands of ‘Essential Packs’ to households across Essex and North London and we’ve been very proud to develop a great working partnership with Voluntary Action Epping Forest.  Working alongside them, we, our communitiy members and some fantastic businesses have donated thousands of pounds so we’ve been able to distribute hundreds of ‘Essentials Packs’ to vulnerable households for free.