Dairy Products

We stock and deliver a wide range of the most delicious, organic, and wholesome dairy products that can be found. Sourced entirely from local farms, our dairy products are 100% British and 100% delicious and can be delivered to you directly before 7am every morning. Wake up to creamy yoghurts, chocolatey milkshakes, and a fresh block of butter to slap on your toast and you’ll be in for a great day!


Tim’s Dairy yogurts: another great family business based in Little Chalfont (30 miles from us). We provide their full range of award-winning, luxury yogurts; including thick and creamy, light and Greek yogurts.

Our mixed fruit 4 packs are competitively priced at £1.99 each, whilst 450g Greek yogurts are £1.49.


​​We work with Shaken Udder, based in Maldon (30 miles from us) to bring our customers their full range of gluten-free milkshakes, which are also free from preservatives and colouring! At Ongar Dairy we often argue over which is our favourite flavour: it’s always a toss up between Salted Caramel or Vanilla!!

We also supply Cream, Butter and Cheese