is at the core
of everything we do

Sustainability, sustainability, sustainability…

We proactively help you to help the environment…

In modern day society, it is too easy to put convenience before the environment:

  • Single use containers are often ‘easier’ for us to use than reusable equivalents
  • Using next day delivery services is efficient for you and your business, but not for your supply chain and can result in food wastage and tough employment conditions.

Just-in-time ordering is convenient but is it good for the environment?

When you order goods at the last minute, your supplying company will probably rely on agency drivers, or those on zero-hour contracts, to fulfil the fluctuating demand. They will also have to hold excess inventory to cater for your order, and may put pressure on their producers with late or inconsistent orders.

We’re different… with our model we work with you to project your usage and schedule your deliveries accordingly. This allows a model that is sustainable for the whole supply chain, and one which minimises wastage.


We deliver our excess inventory is delivered to 3Food4U: a modern, local foodbank (

Supplier selection

Our approach to product purchasing is simple:

  • Quality: we provide only the highest-quality products
  • Food Safety: we vet, and regularly audit, our suppliers to ensure they met our stringent Food Safety standards.
  • Location: when the above quality and food safety standard are met, we chose the closest possible supplier to minimise food miles

Supply chain sustainability

To ensure our supply chains remain sustainable, we also pay all of our suppliers, but particularly our farmers, promptly and place orders early to enable them to produce exactly based on our requirements.


We work with you to reduce your packaging: we are passionate about reducing plastic consumption whilst ensuring our products work in an office environment. We helped a single customer avoid using over 40,000 plastic bottles per annum (based on 2019 usage).

Delivery staff

We do not use agency workers or zero-hour contracts. All of our staff are DBS checked and employed on a salary basis: we do not ‘cut their shifts at the last minute’.

We also provide regular salary benchmarking exercises and aim to pay our Operational Staff at least 10% above the industry norm

Delivery emissions

Our views here are two-fold:

  • We are actively looking to move to an electric fleet. For the time being, our entire fleet have Euro 6, ULEZ complaint, engines
  • We work with you, tenants in your building and neighbours in your local vicinity to consolidate deliveries. This model has been extremely successful in The Shard, 22 Bishopsgate, Kings Cross Estate, Canary Wharf and Great Western Studios.