An independent and family owned business.

Management Team

Our very own original milkmen, Gary and Kevin have been delivering milk for over 50 years between them and worked together for Arla Foods and Express Dairies in Loughton and Romford. Gary started as a milkman in 1992, a couple of years later he decided to set up on his own and went out knocking on doors and got himself 70 customers in 1 day! Kevin started as a milkman in 1987, following in his Dads footsteps, and has delivered milk across the country, having moved North in 2003 when Chris, his son went to University.

What Gary and Kevin don’t know about delivering milk isn’t worth knowing!

Chris studied to be an accountant and spent his early career in audit but after 10 years of relentless travel in the Corporate world decided he wanted a more hands on operational role. So persuaded his Dad to come back down South and The Ongar Dairy Group was formed in 2016.

The Ongar Dairy family quickly grew, firstly with Gary and Kevin’s wives and then other members of their families and friends. Ongar Dairy is built on a foundation of a passion to succeed, hard work and a drive to create a future for the next generation.


Our Delivery Team

Our amazing delivery team truly are a bunch of unsung heroes! Irrespective of the weather or unearthly hours, they take great pride in ensuring that you, our valued customers, can sleep soundly at night, knowing that your daily cornflakes, flat-whites, skinny-mochas and lattes can be enjoyed with fresh and delicious milk.

Joe Wise: Delivery Supervisor (Gary’s former Milk-boy)
Dale Freeman: Delivery Supervisor (Gary’s former colleague)
Maureen Rudge: Milk-lady (Kevin’s mum)
Sam Warwick: Milkman (Gary’s son)
Ben Allen: Milkman
Colin Davis: Milkman
Dan Blain: Milkman
John Cooper: Milkman

Lee Bevan: Milkman
Paul Freston: Milkman
Rob Oliver: Milkman
Rob Passfield: Milkman
Rob Relf: Milkman
Tony Cast: Milkman
Tracey Finch: Milk-lady

Operations Team

Although the hours are slightly more sociable, and they mostly drive cars instead of milk-floats, our ops team work tirelessly to ensure that Ongar Dairy’s day-to-day operations remain well-oiled and finely tuned.

John Rudge: Operations Manager (Kevin’s brother)
Kerry Rudge: Accounts Receivable Officer (John’s wife)
Jake Rudge: Operations Director (Kevin’s nephew)
Cem Nasiroglu: Finance Manager (Chris’s school friend)
Amy Winehouse: Business Development Manager (former customer)
Charlie Haydock: Financial Analyst (inherited from Steve Davis Dairy)

Ashleigh Gardener: Customer Services Analyst (former customer)
Adam Dennis: Sales Manager (Chris’ former colleague at SABMiller)
Peter Dorking: Sales Manager
Jack Pridmore: Sales Manager
Josh Smith: Sales Manager